Mullan Lighting Design in 2008, Mike draws inspiration from many international styles. By way of his travels, he brings his many design influences to life in the form of beautifully hand crafted luminaires for the world to enjoy. The Mullan story is indeed one of both downfall and successful rejuvenation. Based in a very remote area on a border with Northern Ireland, Mullan village (meaning The Mill) was a bustling, rural centre with over 80 people employed in the Border Brand Shoe Factory until it closed in the 1970s. Mullan shoe factory, in addition to the local village of 18 workers and houses would soon fall into disrepair and lay abandoned for almost 25 years. In 2008 Mullan Lighting was established in the old shoe factory and it quickly brought life back not only to the factory building, but to the village in general, with some of the Mullan team moving into the newly restored houses. After 4 years in business, Mullan expanded their operations as they took over another abandoned factory in the UK just a few miles from Mullan village in County Tyrone. Continuing in international fashion, Mullan currently exports to all corners of the globe, having a diverse assortment of high profile clients including celebrities, noted international brands and even the Royal Family.

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About Mullan Lighting

Whether in a figurative or literal sense, light has always been the element of choice when eradicating or navigating through dark environments.