Made in Italy is the name of the original furniture line that has strong formal values. It’s a collection of contemporary design elements and accessories that are created with care and that exquisite, typically Italian taste for materials and select woods. It’s the collaborative result of a diverse group of successful designers, with proven experience in the sector.

Made in Italy is a collection that engages in a continuous dialogue of form and function, with a constant interplay of materials and the practical pleasures of using them. It has made the Pacini e Cappellini name a resounding success in the world of furnishings.

Joined by new well known Italian designers in the furniture field to work with the existing artisans and the style of a tailor, oriented to the extremely attention to the details, Pacini e Cappellini created a new collection with an eclectic vision and interpretation, even more innovative and contemporary. The collection is called the Design Mood. It consists of beautiful dining tables, coffee tables, shelving units, dining chairs and mirrors. The collection is a work of art that shows the Italian excellence.

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About Pacini e Cappellini

Made in Italy is more than just a phrase that customarily describes the origins and excellence of products designed, developed and produced entirely in Italy. To Pacini e Cappellini, it’s a statement of intent and a certification of quality.