Shepherd of Sweden combine natural sheepskin materials with modern design to create beautiful high quality products.

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About Shepherd of Sweden

A history of hand-craftsmanship matched with world class contemporary design. It is the synergistic clash of these two embodying characteristics that resides at the heart of Shepherd of Sweden’s sheepskin and sheep wool products. Each product is cut and sewn by hand, ensuring a naturally human attention to detail and quality. Rigorous quality control standards are employed at each stage of production, from sourcing high-quality, genuine sheepskin and sheep wool, to ensuring that every product meets the standards of the brand’s signature craftsmanship. Shepherd of Sweden, founded in 1982, remains at the center of nordic design these many decades later, with products being sold all over Europe, North America and Asia. Respected globally, Scandinavian manufacturing and design is defined by genuine materials, high-quality crafts and artistically minimal aesthetics. Shepherd of Sweden confidently expresses all of these signature characteristics in its product range available at Lagoon.