Dome Deco produce high quality furniture, lighting, and home accessories. Their design team focus on innovation, uniqueness, and premium quality.

Each year, their products designers create two main collections, using materials and colours that are based on well-studied colour schemes and concepts. The result is a warm, sophisticated interior atmosphere, suited for those who enjoy an urban lifestyle with a refined look.

Dome Deco collections are pre-designed for you. Their products are carefully created to match each other and produce a chic cosmopolitan interior. That intention is to help you create a wonderful interior without hiring an expert.

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About Dome Deco

The brand Dome Deco is based in Belgium with a strong team of in-house designers who carefully create products that are designed for the cosmopolitan living. You buy the pieces, put them together and the result is a stylish room pre-designed for you. The colours and textures of the materials are designed to complement each other. Their products are also used in worldwide luxury boutique hotels.