Paloma Living is dedicated to creating pieces that exude timeless luxury and classical style. From the initial design to the final stitch, each item is carefully planned by Paloma design team and crafted by skilled artisans in India, using traditional techniques passed down through the ages. These collections are designed with an eye for sophistication and luxury, and each piece is made to be an investment that adds purpose and continuity to homes around the globe.


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About Paloma Living

 Natasha Christofa founded Paloma Living and launched her first self-designed collection, which was manufactured in India. Now, seven years later, Natasha's brand has become a globally recognized furnishings company. Her attention to detail, focus on quality, and passion for interior design, fashion, and soft furnishings are evident in her work. As a young girl, Natasha spent her time working in her parents' homeware store, where she developed a love for interior design and a keen business sense. She finds great joy in designing and creating, and the experiences and travels that have influenced the growth and vision of the Paloma Living brand have been invaluable.