POINT is a renowned Spanish brand in the realm of outdoor furniture. It has established collaborative links with a diverse roster of designers who have infused their talent and ideas into the company's catalogue. Notable designers such as Pepe Arcos, Lluís Vidal, Alfonso Gallego, Gabriel Teixidó, Juan Santos, Joaquín Homs, Ximo Roca, José Manuel Ferrero from Studi(H)ac, Esther Campos, Francesc Rifé, and Vicent Martínez have all contributed to defining POINT's innovative legacy. Working closely with the POINT family, these designers have shaped the brand's past, present, and future.

POINT's history of innovation is built on its trust in external designers, their deep understanding of raw materials, and their ability to evolve. The company has pioneered the creation of new materials that offer lasting solutions and can withstand time and adverse weather conditions. POINT's products cater to new needs, trends, and uses, enhancing outdoor living and contributing to well-being and happiness.

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About Point

POINT is a family business that spans four generations, carrying forward its legacy for nearly 100 years. Each design detail, from threads and knots to curves, reflects the evolution of outdoor furniture design, serving as a window into the past. With a presence in over 70 countries, POINT has grown into a global brand through a century of passion for design, innovative vision, and a relentless pursuit of product excellence.

Founded in Gata de Gorgos (Alicante) in 1920 by José Pons Pedro, POINT began as a workshop where José applied his passion and wicker weaving skills learned in Argentina. This craftsmanship with an international perspective soon became a core philosophy for POINT. The company's emphasis on design has always been its identity and growth driver. The second generation introduced technical expertise in hand-weaving rattan.

The History and Vision of POINT
In the 1950s, Juan Bautista Pons, the founder's son, spearheaded strategic international expansion. The company began exporting products and established a production plant in the United States to be closer to the market. The 1970s saw the creative influence of designer and artist Gabriel Pons, who modernized rattan furniture production and became a leading figure in Valencian design. This era marked a qualitative leap in POINT’s products, embracing new materials, colours, and upholstery.

The 1980s brought new challenges when Southeast Asian countries restricted raw material exports, particularly rattan, to boost their finished goods markets. POINT responded by relocating manufacturing to Vietnam, allowing the company to expand into Asia under the forward-looking vision of the fourth generation of the Pons family.

Design and internationalization have been the hallmarks of recent years, with nearly 1,000 hospitality projects in about 70 countries and branches in Europe, the United States, Asia, and the Middle East. POINT continues to innovate, maintaining its commitment to design excellence and global reach.