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Roomsafari is only using materials from Germany for their products, which are being manufactured in a workshop for disabled people. The designers are already working together since 1996. They show their work on international exhibitions in order to get in contact with their customers directly. The dialogues’ results are directly realized in the workshop of disabled (“Vereinigung für Jugendhilfe” unity for youth aid). Thereby the design duo works together directly at the place starting with the first prototype until the final package, in order to include the employees in every working step and decision. Further products emerge in cooperation with other designers such as Jörg Dieter or Mark Braun. AWARDS Roomsafari have been awarded numerous design prizes, such as the iF Product Design Award in 2005.

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About roomsafari

Roomsafari designs and distributes companions for a relaxed life. The label has been established by the designers Christine Nogtev and Chul Cheong in 2001.