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Hems Achterhuis is the designer and creator of the GACOLI. One day, he had the feeling that his garden lacked something. What do you have inside that you don’t have outside? Attractive outdoor furniture and accessories have been around for years, but charming outdoor lighting was scarce. Following a series of sketches, the design gradually took shape, resulting in an elegant yet robust garden lamp with a stylish cover for outdoor use. Innovative, new, different, retro and comfort were the key words to describe this new lamp, and following a two-year development phase, the GACOLI was ready to enter the market as the most innovative and smart outdoor lighting on the market. GACOLI stands for Garden Comfort Living: Beautiful garden lights for everyone. However, is comfort merely about the light output? Hems didn’t believe so. Laying of cables is always an expensive task and makes it impossible to easily move the conventional garden lamps around. His answer to this question was the EMU (Energy Management Unit), a high-tech, compact panel integrated onto the top of every GACOLI cover, which both gathers energy via solar panels and lights the lamp cover and surrounding area with powerfull warm white LEDs. Wiring is no longer necessary and the lamps can be moved around at will.

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