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We offer a range of home accessories to brighten up your home that includes tripod floor lamps from Culinary Concept, a wide carpet rug collection from Arte Espina and Linie, a large wall clock range from Leitmotiv and fabulous cushions from Anne Fortin and Twig. The stylish contemporary rugs of Danish company Linie Design are hand crafted from start to finish by master artisans using traditional techniques, while Arte Espina is one of the world’s most innovative designers of modern rugs. Choose from a large selection of designs, textures, qualities and sizes all designed to offer high levels of comfort and luxury. Leitmotiv’s collection of wall clocks includes many superb designers suited to business, home and bedroom, but special mention should be made of their projector clock that projects the clock face onto a wall. A talking piece as well as a time-piece (groan)! Our contemporary cushions from Anne Fortin include silk cushions while the Twig Collection offers modern cushions in a variety of different fabrics that include some very attractive linen cushions. Whatever your taste in decorative cushions we’re sure that you’ll find luxury cushions that appeal.