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   11/30/2021 07:47:55

Meet Our Resident Teak Furniture Experts, Gloster.

When it comes to finding the perfect outdoor furniture, we know that our customers want the perfect blend of style and functionality. No brand epitomizes this better than Gloster.

With their focus on beautiful teak furniture, and the promise to deliver durable yet attractive pieces that you can cherish for years to come, Gloster has proved a constant go-to brand on our website. Whether you’re looking for a brand-new piece from Gloster to add to your growing collection, or just want to know a bit more about one of our most-loved brands, this article will be taking you through everything you might want to know.

About the Gloster brand.

The brand, Gloster, has a vibrant history that can be traced back to a group of passionate entrepreneurs creating furniture in West Africa around 1960. After growing demand and working on their craft, they moved their factory to Indonesia, where all their furniture has continued to be manufactured. Passion and pride are the pillars of every part of the Gloster brand and are the two things that have enabled the brand to continually make some of the world’s finest outdoor furniture.

Gloster are renowned for their use of teak as the primary material used in all their furniture. Not only has this material been a benchmark hardwood for furniture for over 700 years, it also has a beautiful buffed sheen, or soft natural finish that has now become synonymous with Gloster products. With an opposition to mass-produced furniture, Gloster manufactures every rounded corner and every intricate joint completely by hand with the help of the talented craftsmen that fill their factories.

This attention to detail and people-focused approach means that every customer can feel the link between themselves and the people who built their furniture. Alongside their own design know-how and expertise, Gloster all work with several world-renowned designers to help create some of the most timeless and stylish outdoor furniture pieces.

Leaders in outdoor teak furniture Teak, the primary material used across all Gloster products, is indigenous to only four countries across the world; Burma, Laos, Thailand and Asia. However, due to unsustainable forestry practices, natural teak forests have all but disappeared in every country aside from Burma, and has been kept alive in plantations across South and Southeast Asia.

Not only is teak one of the most sought-after timbers for furniture, it is also one of the most protected. With the majority of plantations being controlled by a government body, Gloster has a team of 22 graders who spend their time travelling across Java to source ideal logs for production—to ensure that Gloster customers always get the best of the best.

Together with it’s high natural oil content and durability, teak is an exceptionally stable wood to use in high quality outdoor furniture, which has made Gloster such a trusted and memorable brand when it comes to unique and luxurious teak products.Durable furniture made to last After being properly seasoned by kiln drying, teak is set to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, making it ideal for use in your outdoor spaces.

With a stylish flair and graceful elegance, this wood effortlessly combines comfort, practicality and aesthetics in memorable furniture pieces that will help you to create a peaceful haven in your garden or outdoor space. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day at work, or entertaining friends and family, Gloster’s quality range of cozy outdoor seating and living furniture are sure to create a space that everyone can enjoy.

At Viva Lagoon, we sell a large range of Gloster pieces, all of which are completely unique and special in their own way. Here are just a few particular pieces that always seem to go down well with our fashion-forward customers:
● The Ambient Line Solar Lantern, to give a welcoming, warm glow to any outside space
● The Vermillion Ombre Outdoor Rug, that will add a stylish centerpiece to any outside redecoration
● The Mistral Outdoor Coffee Table, a practical and functional table with pleasing curves and a natural colour palette
● The Mistral Outdoor Ottoman to let you put your feet up and relax in style and comfort
● The Lima Outdoor Storage Chest, for an organized and clutter-free outside space that will complement the rest of the Lima collection of furniture
● The Fern Two-Seater Outdoor Sofa, the ultimate outside furniture piece with high quality teak, aluminium and rope weaving
● And finally, the Deco Fire Pit which is perfect for creating a cozy corner when you’re entertaining guests Shop the Gloster collection At Viva Lagoon, we stock a range of the finest quality Gloster pieces, ranging from elegant cutting boards to stylish outdoor seating solutions. Start recreating your outdoor space in luxury today with high-end pieces from the teak furniture experts today. Browse the Gloster collection at Viva Lagoon.

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