Falmouth Chesterfield Sofa in Superior Leather - Stormcloud
  • Falmouth Chesterfield Sofa in Superior Leather - Stormcloud
Falmouth Chesterfield Sofa in Superior Leather - Stormcloud

Falmouth Chesterfield Sofa in Superior Leather - Stormcloud

Brand: Lagoon Ean: 5060333780524
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Our Stormcloud Grey Chesterfield leather sofa has a beautifully natural look with gradations of colour coming from the attractive grain of the hides. This Chesterfield sofa looks great in both modern and period interiors.


We love great design and Chesterfield furniture intrinsically timeless, but each generation sees something different and period Chesterfields can be dated from their particular styles. Our objective at Lagoon is to make Chesterfield sofas for sale for this generation that use only the best craftsmen and time honoured methods of construction with no short cuts taken to produce an exquisite range of modern Chesterfield sofas.

Don't confuse our leather Chesterfields with those produced by many of our Chesterfield furniture U.K. competitors. A Chesterfield chair or couch from us is hand built by skilled craftsmen using only the finest materials: premium leathers, brass castors, solid beech fames, mahogany feet.  We could go on: it is sufficient to say that none of the process is mass produced or outsourced. Unfortunately, many English Chesterfield sofa makers trade on our heritage of skilled craftsmen, but proceed to commit heresies, such as buying in pre-sprung cushions and then placing them on unsprung frames to compete on price with Far Eastern manufacturers.  The craftsmen making a Chesterfield couch for Lagoon painstakingly apply individual coil or serpentine springs to the frames in time honoured fashion.

Our beech frames are constructed from only the finest hardwoods, selected for strength and longevity. The components of each piece of our modern Chesterfield furniture are made the traditional way: hand formed and also assembled by hand, using dowels, screws, and corner blocks for added strength.

Once the Chesterfield sofa frame has been fully assembled any wood that will be visible in the finished product is French polished by hand using several coats.  When this time consuming process is finished the polish is allowed to fully harden in a temperature controlled environment for 2 days.

The frame must now be sprung, which is a labour intensive process that involves applying individual coil or serpentine springs to the frame to ensure a long lasting shape to the Chesterfield sofas. Once this stage is completed, the padding is shaped to the design applied, panel by panel, until our Chesterfield sofa takes its finished shape.

At last it is time to upholster your leather Chesterfield: our Chesterfield sofa leather is selected from only those fine grain hides with the required finish. Templates are applied to the leather hides and the panels cut out by a dedicated pattern maker, who on completion passes the finished Chesterfield direct to the upholsterer, who applies it to the sofa. This process can take up to 3 days to complete.

The final step is the buttoning and studding of your sofa. Between 300 -1200 studs are individually applied, which again distinguishes our Chesterfield sofas from many of our competitors, who sadly apply strips of studs in long swathes to the upholstered sofa. Finally, the Chesterfield sofa leather is buffed or rubbed off and then sealed to protect the finished look. Only then is our Chesterfield sofa for sale!


Armchair ( H80m, W125cm, D100cm)
2 seater( H80m, W195cm, D100cm)
3 seater( H80cm, W220cm, D100cm)
4 seater( H80cm, W250cm, D100cm)

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