Covo Fluorescent Moonlight Mirror Ø 45 - Pink

Brand: Covo


 The Moonlight Mirrors by Italian label COVO are framed by a gentle fluorescent aura with an otherworldly glow. The back of the mirror is sheathed in a bright shade, creating a diffused highlight around the mirror’s polished surface, a soft orange glow that works through reflection.

Material: Glass, Steel, Fluorescent Paint

Dimensions: 45 cm x 3 cm x H: 45 cm

Color: Fluorescent Pink, Silver

Bracket for mounting with screws or nails at the back. Distance to the wall: 4 cm.

With the strength of aesthetic tradition which combines the concept of elegance with that of simplicity, COVO, italian DNA and international roots, has made itself the perfect interpreter of these two terms developing an autonomus and distinctive language, capable of marrying tradition and contemporaneity classicism and avantgarde design. With its first steps through the severity of form and signs exported from Orient, it gives character to its products while at the same time remaining faithful to its origins, enriching them progressively with new and costant stimulation from the world of design.

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