Covo Aika Italian Wall Clock - Black

Brand: Covo


Cheerfully colourful, Finnish designer Ari Kanerva's wall clock adds that extra tick to any room. Kanerva's work as a furniture and product designer is characterised by functional creations with a playful wink, and Aika, which means 'time' in Finnish, is no different: with unusual and decidedly modern aesthetics, this powder-coated steel clock with a contrasting pendulum is ahead of its time.

Material: Powder-Coated Steel Dimensions: H: 54 cm. Upper W: 16.5 cm. Lower W: 18,5 cm. D: 4 cm. Color: Black. Pendulum and Hands: White. Requires 1 AA battery. Batteries not included. Mounts with 2 screws, not included. With the strength of aesthetic tradition which combines the concept of elegance with that of simplicity, COVO, Italian DNA and international roots, has made itself the perfect interpreter of these two terms developing an autonomus and distinctive language, capable of marrying tradition and contemporaneity classicism and avantgarde design. With its first steps through the severity of form and signs exported from Orient, it gives character to its products while at the same time remaining faithful to its origins, enriching them progressively with new and costant stimulation from the world of design.

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