Matiere Grise Large Notus Steel Coffee Table | 30 Colours

Matiere Grise Large Notus Steel Coffee Table | 30 Colours

Brand: Matière Grise
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Called Notus after the Greek God of the southwest wind that heralds spring this joyful and exuberant design raises the spirits and enlivens any living space. Its finely laser cut top forms a bouquet of flowers in any of 30 colours of your choosing. This is a substantial 120 x 110cm in size, but a small version of this indoor table is available as well as outdoor versions made from aluminium.

Product Info

Dimensions: Height 35cm. Table top 120 x 110cm.

Weight 28kg

Materials: Steel

Colour of Steel: Choice of 30 epoxy powder coated colours are available - see drop-down menu for some common options and also the "Download" tab, where you can download the full colour sheet with all available colours. Please just email or phone us when ordering with your preferred colour if it's not listed on the dropdown menu.

Country of Origin: France

Guarantee: 1 year

Delivery Time: 4 Weeks - Made to Order in France

About Matière Grise

Inspired and driven by Isabelle Mortreuil, Matière Grise has been offering indoor and outdoor furniture collections defined by their simplicity, joy and elegance for 10 years now. So what is its secret? A single material: metal, which is the very essence of the brand and shapes the creativity that goes into every collection.

Matière Grise’s designs are instantly recognisable by a unifying style with simple lines emphasised by elegant folding details and an excitingly joyous palette of colours. Each year the collections are enhanced and extended to ensure that the design range encompasses every room in the home: from lounge to dining room, kitchen, bedroom and garden, every product has its function, but leaves free rein for all indoor and outdoor possibilities.

Matière Grise has succeeded over the last 10 years in establishing itself as a permanent feature of the French metal furniture landscape. Their dynamic approach to design was recognised in spring 2014 when the brand received the Janus du Mobilier 2014 award by the French Design Institute.

Delivery & Info

4 Weeks - Made to Order in France
Matiere Gris Notus Large

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4 Weeks - Made to Order in France

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