Gardeluxe Hefaistos Outdoor Round Table with 3 Legs

Brand: Gardeluxe
Hefaistos Outdoor Table-3-LEG


Elegant model with a round table top that is made of the famous Belgian limestone ashlar and cast iron frame. completely waterproof and maitenance free, this table is ideal for the UK weather. Also perfect for hotels, restaurants and pubs.


Materials: Cast iron, Beldian limestone

110 and 120 cm

Table top thickness: 2 cm
Base height: 69 cm

About Belgiun limestone Ashlar: This is an organogenic sedimentary rock which is approximately 2 million years old. Belgian limestone is characterized by the presence of shellfish fossils which give the material its distinctive character. One of the other characteristics of this type of stone is, that under influence of the weather, veining and spots can appear, which mark the stone as authentic and natural and creates a beautiful individual look. This is natural to the stone and of no influence what so ever on the durability of your tabletop. Stains in the tabletop will naturally disappear after a matter of time. Another characteristic is that under the influence of sunlight the colour of the tabletop will fade to a softer shade of grey. If this is not desirable a treatment with a colour sealant can be applied. This has no consequences for the maintenance of the tabletop.

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