Pedrali Arki Outdoor Sofa

Pedrali Arki Outdoor Sofa

Brand: Pedrali
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Arki-Sofa plus is an outdoor lounge seating system that encapsulates the comfort and elegance of an indoor sofa.

Through the presence of different modules, with Arki-Sofa plus multiple compositions can be created to meet the needs of space and personalisation of both residential and contract settings.

Sofa in polyurethane foam padding with waterproof lining covered in outdoor fabric available with or without armrests, with right or left armrest.

Its geometrically shaped and generously thick cushions rest on a light structure supported by elastic belts.

The deeper and wider seat is raised off the ground by stainless steel feet, while the steel tube backrest and armrest are characterised by distinctive teak detailing.

The lining is removable so that it can be cleaned and maintained with ease.

Designers: Pedrali R&D

Areas: outdoor, residential

Materials Care

Fabric: We recommend cleaning fabrics regularly to preserve the appearance of textile coatings and prolong their lifespan. As dust and dirt wear fabric out, this should be vacuum cleaned regularly (using a low suction power setting). Stains should be dealt with quickly and liquids absorbed using a white napkin or absorbent cloth. Non-greasy stains can be cleaned by dabbing gently with a damp sponge or with a white lint-free cloth. Wipe in circular motion, moving towards the centre of the stain. It is advisable to dry with a hair dryer to prevent water spots.

Steel: Clean with a microfibre cloth with nonabrasive household mild soap or degreaser. Use metal cleaner with nonabrasive microgranules to remove salt or rust (radiant). Do not use abrasive substances, sandpaper, straws. Do not use concentrated acid or alkaline cleaning products, no waxes, furniture cleaners. Avoid use of sharp, cutting, ceramic products. Always dry after cleaning.

Teak: Solid teak tops guarantee high performances in terms of durability, resistance to water and temperature fluctuations. The durability of teak depends on many factors: sun exposure, weathering, presence of teak sealer protective treatment and mechanical stress. Clean using a cloth moistened with lukewarm water. Always dry after cleaning. Do not clean with detergents, denatured alcohol, ammonia, solvents or other acidic or alkaline cleansers. Instantly remove any liquids or other residues so as not to let them absorb and cause permanent stains. Requires maintenance on an annual basis. Clean with a mild detergent using a Scotch-Brite type sponge to remove residues and impurities. Revive with a teak sealer and wait until completely dry.

Materials: Fabric, Steel and Teak

Dimensions: W: 202 x D: 91 x H: 74 cm, Seat Height: 40 cm, Arm Height: 62 cm

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4-5 Weeks
Fabric, Steel and Teak

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4-5 Weeks
Fabric, Steel and Teak

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