Low Alice Outdoor Table | 54.5cm High

Brand: Serralunga


Alice outdoor tables recreate nature with skill and irony. Available as a low or high table, they decorate a space by visually rebuilding a field of flowers. Here we have the low table at 54.5cm high. The high version stands 76cm tall, but both models come with a table top diameter of 72.5cm. A perfect object of home decor. 

There are a fabulous range of colours to choose from. Please see the "Download" tab for a chart of the available colours. If you wish for the two-colour daisy version in the second image then please just email us with your choice after ordering.
This table is equally suited to indoors and looks as good on balconies and conservatories as in the garden or patio.
Alice addresses the both the residential and commercial market with Italian furniture that adds character to any space. The design is romantic but unobtrusive: the natural and almost hyper-realistic shapes are abstract in their materials and colours, creating the effect of displacement. Mimetic garden tables.
Product Information
Production time:4 working weeks
Dimensions:H: 54.5cm x Dia: 72.5cm
Country of origin:Italy

Top: Polyethylene
Base: Galvanized steel painted white
Alice Low weight: 7 Kg
Alice High weight: 15 Kg

About Serralunga

Choosing Serralunga means being able to recognize and appreciate originality.

Serralunga was founded in Biella, Italy in 1825. With its passion for innovation, Serralunga is renowned for pushing the boundaries of materials, technologies and aesthetics in order to create ground-breaking products that both inspire and delight. It’s outdoor product range exhibit a combination of shapes and unique interpretations capable of transforming a purely functional object into a stunning piece of furniture making the Urban Outdoors as beautiful and comfortable as their wonderful Indoor Designs. 

Delivery & Info

4 Weeks Direct from Italy
Alice Low Table

Data sheet

4 Weeks Direct from Italy

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Table Top Colours

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Table Top Colours

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Table Top Colours

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Product Info

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