Vincent Sheppard Loop Outdoor Lounge Chair - Black

Brand: Vincent Sheppard


The Loop Lounge Chair is light to handle and to move around, which has its advantages as furniture can be moved in line with the sun. The design gives a light and airy look to a verandah and is also unbelievably comfortable - air can circulate through the tautly strung construction.

Sizes (cm) Total height: 79
Width: 67
Seat height: 39
Depth: 78
Height armrests: 59
Upholstery Polyethylene wicker

Nylon glides

Frame Powder coated aluminum frame.

A quick wash with a non-foaming mild detergent every three months, will do the trick.

Weather proof Vincent Sheppard - <p>UV and weather resistant. Insensitive to temperature differences (-25°C to +70°C).</p>Vincent Sheppard - <p>Heat and sun protected</p>

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GC S70

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