AGGY embodies a philosophy rooted in the pursuit of a serene, relaxing way of life. The designer firmly upholds the value of a tranquil mindset and the infusion of harmony into every facet of people’s surroundings. Their goal is to spark inspiration through distinctive and exceptional designs, offering individuals a collection of remarkable furniture that lends a unique ambiance to outdoor settings.

AGGY continually explore inventive and imaginative avenues to deliver innovative and enjoyable design pieces to customers who embrace a simple, relaxing, and responsible lifestyle. Their furniture designs are crafted to instil a sense of relaxation, providing profound physical and mental rejuvenation while helping you shed the burdens of daily stress.

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About Aggy

AGGY is the artisanal embodiment of crafting high-quality and supremely comfortable furniture. Born from the shared zeal for design within a family, AGGY's purpose is to bestow exceptional design and top-tier furniture to enthusiasts of the craft. The name AGGY itself is a fusion of Agota, the visionary product designer, and her father Gytis, boasting over three decades of expertise in the furniture manufacturing realm. Together, their heartfelt mission is to craft exquisite, handcrafted pieces sourced from the bountiful materials of the Baltic region, proudly representing the design values of Northern Europe.

Deeply rooted in the rich tradition of North European design, AGGY is defined by its commitment to functionality, uncompromising quality, and the elegance of clean design aesthetics. Every piece is meticulously handcrafted in Lithuania, utilizing exclusively local Baltic region materials, ensuring the creation of sustainable, enduring products.

Their artistic creations have garnered recognition from the design community, gaining accolades from prestigious media outlets like "Design Milk" and achieving international acclaim through exhibitions in Milan, Paris, and Barcelona. AGGY's commitment to excellence culminated in the coveted A’ Design Award's golden prize, further underscoring their mastery in the realm of design and craftsmanship.

Aggy Sun Loungers:

The Panama Banana Sun Lounger is a featherlight outdoor recliner thoughtfully designed for relaxation. Its inspiration draws from the sleek, fluid forms found in coastal elements, reminiscent of surfboards and ships.

Aggy Lounge Chairs:

This Melon lounge chair takes inspiration from the organic shapes found in nature. With its whimsical curves and delicate striped pattern, it provides the utmost comfort by gracefully conforming to the contours of any body type.

Aggy Side Tables:

Ogis side table embodies both practicality and elegance in the form of a side table. With a removable tray that serves as a highly convenient feature, it's meticulously designed to enhance the ease and comfort of serving food. Crafted from water-resistant plywood and protected by a polyurethane finish, this versatile piece is equally at home in outdoor settings or as a supplementary addition to your indoor furniture collection.