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If you are looking for that strong statement piece or focal point, a chandelier can be the perfect option. At Lagoon, you will find a range of chandeliers that vary in style, size, shape and materials.

Whatever style you are trying to achieve you are bound to find the piece that will work best in your scheme. Whether you want to keep it simple and choose a subtle chandelier that blends with the colours of the room or choose the statement piece that will stand out as a focal point and create drama.

Chandeliers are not just for palaces and grand staircases. We can hang a chandelier almost in any room in the house. The latest trend is to hang a crystal chandelier over a bath tub to create a luxury bathroom. Chandeliers have also been used over kitchen islands as contrast to minimalist surfaces.

Our collection of designer chandeliers vary in style from luxe glamour to modern chic.