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  • Aggy

    AGGY is the artisanal embodiment of crafting high-quality and supremely comfortable furniture. Born from the shared zeal for design within a family, AGGY's purpose is to bestow exceptional design and top-tier furniture to enthusiasts of the craft. The name AGGY itself is a fusion of Agota, the visionary product designer, and her father Gytis, boasting over three decades of expertise in the furniture manufacturing realm. Together, their heartfelt mission is to craft exquisite, handcrafted pieces sourced from the bountiful materials of the Baltic region, proudly representing the design values of Northern Europe.

    Deeply rooted in the rich tradition of North European design, AGGY is defined by its commitment to functionality, uncompromising quality, and the elegance of clean design aesthetics. Every piece is meticulously handcrafted in Lithuania, utilizing exclusively local Baltic region materials, ensuring the creation of sustainable, enduring products.

    Their artistic creations have garnered recognition from the design community, gaining accolades from prestigious media outlets like "Design Milk" and achieving international acclaim through exhibitions in Milan, Paris, and Barcelona. AGGY's commitment to excellence culminated in the coveted A’ Design Award's golden prize, further underscoring their mastery in the realm of design and craftsmanship.

    Aggy Sun Loungers:

    The Panama Banana Sun Lounger is a featherlight outdoor recliner thoughtfully designed for relaxation. Its inspiration draws from the sleek, fluid forms found in coastal elements, reminiscent of surfboards and ships.

    Aggy Lounge Chairs:

    This Melon lounge chair takes inspiration from the organic shapes found in nature. With its whimsical curves and delicate striped pattern, it provides the utmost comfort by gracefully conforming to the contours of any body type.

    Aggy Side Tables:

    Ogis side table embodies both practicality and elegance in the form of a side table. With a removable tray that serves as a highly convenient feature, it's meticulously designed to enhance the ease and comfort of serving food. Crafted from water-resistant plywood and protected by a polyurethane finish, this versatile piece is equally at home in outdoor settings or as a supplementary addition to your indoor furniture collection.


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  • B-Line

    The brand was founded in 1999. Their goal is to produce quality and sustainable products using materials of verified origins in their production, which takes place entirely in Italy. Doing this ensures that the original craftsmanship behind the highest-quality Italian furniture is maintained.


  • Berkeley Designs

    Berkerley Designs work directly with artisans and craftsmen and they are constantly adding exciting pieces to their portfolio.

  • Bloomingville

    Driven by a fascination of Nordic style and living, Founder Betina Stampe established Bloomingville in 2000. Since then, she has shared her passion for creative ways of keeping the home in a mode of constant change with people all across the globe. Along the way Betina’s husband, Simon Stampe, became CEO and Bloomingville has in the past 15 years grown into one of the main global brands for home interior.

    Despite the massive popularity and growth the Bloomingville mission has stayed the same: Delivering happy changes to everyday designers. This mission is made possible by a wide selection of fashionable products, reasonable prices, good quality and a high service level.

    With lots of experience and many collections designed,  Bloomingville has found a significant ability to create products, which hold a significant ability to create a warm, informal ambiance in every home. Bloomingville is deeply rooted in the famed Danish aesthetic tradition and has always been working to bring new life and small surprises into modern homes.
  • Bover

    Bover was born in 1996 when founder, Joana Bover, who came from the audio-visual industry, was asked by friend architect invited her to take part in the creation of a special structure made of iron for the Seville Expo '92. The experience led Joana Bover to enter the world of lighting design. Now Bover is one of the most prestigious lighting companies in in Spain and their beautiful lights are used internationally in people’s homes and gardens as well as in the hospitality sector.

  • By Lassen

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  • Cane-Line

     Cane-line prioritize quality, innovation, and comfort in all of their products and strive to create furniture that is environmentally friendly and promotes the well-being of people. Their outdoor collection is designed to enhance the comfort of outdoor living and is made to withstand all types of weather with minimal maintenance. Their indoor collection is characterized by its light, simple design and is based on functional, timeless, and socially responsible principles.

  • Cloudnola Design

    Cloudnola is Dutch clock brand that specializes in the design and manufacture of contemporary analogue style flip clocks, wall clocks, table clocks, desk clocks, and alarm clocks.

    Perfect for your home, Cloudnola's clock portfolio range includes geometric clocks, plain coloured clocks, and clocks with faux wood, cement, and marble finishes that will complement your interior design scheme while serving as a practical accessory to help you keep track of the time.

     Cloudnola has designed a wide variety of modern clocks suitable for both home and commercial interior spaces.

    Their modern clocks are highly versatile in design and will suit a range of decor tastes and colour palettes. Whether you need a living room clock, bedroom clock, or office clock, Cloudnola has something for you. They offer both retro-styled clocks and modern clocks in a variety of vibrant colours with beautiful details. All Cloudnola wall clocks and table clocks come with a 1-year guarantee and require batteries to function.

  • Covo

    COVO is an Italian brand with international roots that combines simplicity and elegance in its aesthetic tradition. It has developed a unique style that combines tradition and modernity, classical and avant-garde design. COVO's products are characterized by their strict forms and signs inspired by the Orient, while also staying true to their origins. COVO's research focuses on the use of materials and designers' voices, and it often experiments with irony. The brand values functionality and has a strong identity that attracts a wide audience through its search for balance.

  • Culinary Concepts

    Culinary Concepts are a British success story producing an extensive range of home accessories of excellent quality.

  • Custom Form

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  • Dan-Form

    Founded in 1992, DAN-FORM Denmark designs and produces high quality furniture, including dining chairs, barstools, armchairs, office chairs and tables. Exporting theirs designs to more than 50 countries, with customers from leading design stores, retail chains, architects and renowned hotels, restaurants and bars. DAN-FORM Denmark exhibits at leading trade shows throughout the year. New designs are introduced in Cologne in January and in Milan in April. Furniture design from DAN-FORM Denmark is set at a pricepoint that makes the designs available to the wider public.

    The DAN-FORM Denmark brand stands for Nordic design with a global twist. They continuously strive to enhance and further develop their product range, through a close cooperation with a selection of re-knowned Danish designers, and in-house designers.
  • Design By Us

    Design by us was founded in 1999 and it is now established as a lighting brand with the determination to create unique statement lamps with fun colours and light diffusions. Their philosophy can be seen in their Addicted, Ballroom, Wave and Harakiri collections.

  • Diabla

    Diabla is a brand that is known for its bold and innovative designs that embrace color and experiment with shapes and materials. They are constantly seeking out new concepts and approaches to design, and are not afraid to challenge existing notions. If you are someone who values creativity and originality, Diabla is the brand for you. Their collections are perfect for those with a strong, colorful, and elegant personality who are looking for stylish and unique designs for theDiabla is a brand that is known for its bold and innovative designs that embrace color and experiment with shapes and materials. They are constantly seeking out new concepts and approaches to design, and are not afraid to challenge existing notions. If you are someone who values creativity and originality, Diabla is the brand for you. Their collections are perfect for those with a strong, colorful, and elegant personality who are looking for stylish and unique designs for their garden. Do ir garden. Do you have a Diabla attitude? If so, you will love what they have to offer
  • Dome Deco

    The brand Dome Deco is based in Belgium with a strong team of in-house designers who carefully create products that are designed for the cosmopolitan living. You buy the pieces, put them together and the result is a stylish room pre-designed for you. The colours and textures of the materials are designed to complement each other. Their products are also used in worldwide luxury boutique hotels.

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  • Emko Place

    EMKO is a company working with Lithuanian design products. While investing in development of young Lithuanian designers and helping them to find the strong sides to work with, some internationally awarded products were created.

  • Eva Solo

    Eva Solo A/S was established over 100 years ago. Today, the company is managed and owned by Jan Engelbrecht, who represents the fourth generation of the founder’s family. Jan’s mother is called Eva, and her father, i.e. Jan’s grandfather, is one of the company’s three former CEOs. It was Eva’s name that inspired the company’s name.

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  • Faro Barcelona

    Faro Barcelona was established in 1945. They have been making indoor and outdoor lighting to the highest stantdard. The creativity of their commissoned designers produces beautiful designs that are loved and enjoyed all over the world.
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  • Gant Lights

    While one might not necessarily think of architecture and lighting as a compatible pair, Bavarian designer Stefan Gant masterfully merges the two.

  • Gardeluxe

  • Garden Trading

    At Garden Trading our focus is to design and produce functional products for the home and garden, without having to compromise on style.

  • Gibas

    Italian indoor and outdoor contemporary lighting for the home and garden.

  • Gloster

    Gloster are a world leader in high-quality, unique and luxury designer teak garden furniture, creating refined pieces from carefully chosen, top-quality materials; from outdoor chaise loungers and dining chairs to Gloster grid centre units and Lima outdoor storage chests, we stock everything you need to redesign your outdoor area.

    Wide Variety of Designer Furniture Collections

    Gloster designs and manufactures a wide variety of unique designer teak furniture ranges including their Gloster 180 collection, Gloster Bay collection, Gloster Sway collection and more featuring footstools, outdoor sofas and a range of outdoor dining and living furniture.

    Quality Outdoor Seating & Sofas

    Create the perfect outdoor living space to accommodate friends and family, combine Gloster Fern 2 seater outdoor sofas and Gloster Grid lounge chairs with Gloster Deco fire pits to create a cosy outdoor area everyone can enjoy. Enjoy the summer weather and soak up the sun with Gloster Kay sunlounger and outdoor lounge modular sofas.

  • Graypants

    Launching The Brand

    Graypants is a design studio based in Seattle and Amsterdam, founded in 2008 by Seth and John, both former architecture students. What started as a small operation has now evolved into a successful and diverse company. The studio's success can be traced back to the launch of the Scraplight Collection, which embodies Graypants' core values of sustainability and responsible production.


    Graypants are passionate about the environment, and they believe that is important to produce products in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. In 2012, the Amsterdam studio was established as a hub for European production and distribution. Both the Seattle and Amsterdam studios source cardboard locally, so it's possible that your old cardboard could be repurposed into a beautiful Scraplight!

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  • House Doctor

    House Doctor was created to help people create their own unique space by bringing balance, simplicity, and authenticity into the home.

    Brighten up your Home

    House Doctor offers an extensive range of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions; from floor lamps and table lamps to outdoor wall lamps and even antique brass finish lampshades, you're sure to find something to fit your home's interior style.

    Furniture for the Whole House

    House Doctor designs and creates a huge range of furniture for your home, from woven rattan armchairs and coffee tables for your living room to laundry baskets and toilet roll holders for your bathroom. 

    Dine in Style with House Doctor Kitchenware

    Make an impression with House Doctor's range of simply gorgeous tableware and cutlery; from wine glasses for hosting guests to pion breakfast bowls and rustic bowls, plates, and cups to dine in style.

    Enhance your Interior with Gorgeous Textiles

    Not only do House Doctor create stylish furniture and lighting, but they also hand-craft a range of quality textile products for your home like their stock of cushion covers.

    Home Décor & Accessories

    Create an elegant home with décor that matches the unique and personal style of your home. From home accessories like candlesticks and candle holders to create a little ambiance to wall art and flowerpots that provide your room with some personality.

  • Hubsch

    A stylish range of unusual and beautiful furniture and accessories designed in Denmark with a typical Scandinavian flair. 

  • Humble

  • I

  • In-es.artdesign

    The Italian designer Oçilunam founded the company in 2003. His vision was clear. She wanted to combine art with design in creating beautiful functional lighting. The design shows pure creativity by balancing an interplay of light and shadow with the contrast of colours and materials.

    The designer won a numerous international award for his unique concept of pulling art and design into a beautiful coherent whole.

  • Isimar

    Ten years ago, Isimar, a company that produces products for the industrial sector, decided to create contemporary outdoor furniture designs that are unique in their visual lightness and attention to the architectural space provided by the rods. These collections are developed in collaboration with architects and designers with the goal of creating pieces that inspire professionals to create clean, modern, comfortable, and functional spaces. Isimar's products are the result of combining these designs with the use of natural materials, the company's industrial experience (which combines specific technologies with decades of craftsmanship), and their Mediterranean roots as a healthy and authentic country that enjoys sharing moments and experiences.
    Isimar’s outdoor sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, and daybeds produced from galvanized rods are available in a wide range of beautiful colours to choose from.
  • IUMI

    IUMI is a German brand that places a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility. Their design studio, based in Berlin, combines advanced laser technology with skilled manual work to create beautiful and functional lamps from plywood. These lamps are popular in homes around the world, as well as in restaurants, hotels, and workplaces
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  • Johngreen

    John Green is an award winning designer, designing furniture and lifestyle products for manufacture.

  • K

  • Karlsson

    The Karlsson brand is one that’s synonymous with good quality, stunning graphics, aesthetic shapes and innovative design. 

  • L

  • Lagoon

    Lagoon Maison is a carefully hand-picked collection of home products that we source from small manufacturers and upholsters in the UK and abroad.

    From industrial urban chic and Scandinavian design to modern classic interiors, the collection consists of a range of styles and trends to help you create a stylish home.

  • LEFF

    All LEFF products are designed by international designers, developed with personality and style and the utmost attention to durability and quality.

  • Leitmotiv

    The dictionary definition of “Leitmotiv” is  a recurring phrase or theme in a work of art, literature or music that illustrates key features. Leitmotiv products are so called to reflect the strong and timeless design elements in each collection. 

  • Lene Bjerre

    Lene Bjerre is a Danish brand that offers a wide range of beautiful and functional home accessories and furniture. Their collections blend classic and modern styles, with a focus on high-quality materials and craftsmanship. From decorative cushions and vases to elegant dining tables and lighting fixtures, Lene Bjerre products are designed to enhance any home interior with a touch of Scandinavian charm. Discover the beauty and versatility of Lene Bjerre at Viva Lagoon, and add a touch of Danish design to your living space.

  • Les Jardins

    Les Jardins is a French outdoor furniture brand that specializes in creating high-quality, durable, and stylish furniture for both residential and commercial use.
    Founded in 1991, Les Jardins has established a reputation for excellence in design and craftsmanship, using only the finest materials and production techniques to create furniture that's built to last.
    With a focus on sustainability, Les Jardins is committed to reducing its environmental impact and promoting responsible manufacturing practices. Their extensive product range includes outdoor dining sets, lounge chairs, sofas, and more, all designed to enhance your outdoor living space and create a relaxing and stylish ambiance. With Les Jardins, you can be sure you're investing in furniture that's both beautiful and functional, and that will stand the test of time.

  • Lexington Company

    Lexington was launched in 1997 by husband and wife team Tommy and Kritina Lindhe. This Stockholm- based home textile brand is influenced by the classic New England style. It captures the costal style of this part of the world and brings it to its life style collection of bedlinen, bath linen and seaside home accessories.

  • Lilipinso

  • Lyon Beton

    Lyon Béton is a french studio specialized in design and manufacture of concrete furniture and concrete home accessories.

  • M

  • Margo Selby

    Margo Selby is a woven textile design company that produces exceptional quality fabrics, rugs and cushions and towels which blend effortlessly with both contemporary and classic interiors.

  • Massimo

    The creative team of Massimo is designing innovative handknotted and handwoven rugs for the contemporary home.

  • Matière Grise

    Inspired and driven by Isabelle Mortreuil, Matière Grise has been offering indoor and outdoor furniture collections defined by their simplicity, joy and elegance for 10 years now.

  • Mesonica


    MINDTHEGAP is a young brand creating fabulous home decor. Based in Transylvania, ROMANIA, MINDTHEGAP brings to life fabulous collections of unique designs, a mixed selection of contemporary art combined with marvelous vintage illustrations.

  • Mullan Lighting

    Whether in a figurative or literal sense, light has always been the element of choice when eradicating or navigating through dark environments.

  • N

  • Newgarden

    Based in the Murcia region of Spain - Newgarden are designers & makers of stunning garden lighting - with most designs having the versatility to be used indoors. The collection is designed in house - with 95% of products being made on site in Murcia.  

    The vision of Newgarden is to make designer lighting available to all, with designs available in funky, contemporary & more traditional finishes. 

    The Newgarden collection includes a complete range of size & function options: Smaller designs in Table & Pendant versions, Garlands & Wall Lights: Larger designs in floor lamps with sizes up to over 2 metres in height.
    The Play range also offers simple solutions for outdoor music combined with colour changing lights.
    Its all about simplicity with Newgarden - making gorgeous designs available which are wireless - creating simple Al Fresco dining lighting solutions being cable free & hard wearing. IP ratings are shown by product.
    Cable versions by design are also available which are best suited to certain environments.

  • NLXL

    Look closely and all is not what it seems. Piet Hein Eek, Piet Boon, Arthur Slenk (amongst others) and NLXL have combined to create mind teasing premium quality wallpaper. With the range including the famous Scrapwood (winner Editor’s award at ICFF New York), Brooklyn Tins, Concrete Wallpaper and others, there is a design for any location and to add that something special.

  • Nordlux

    Since Nordlux was founded in 1977 the objective has been to offer quality products at reasonable cost. This objective continues to be met and means that Nordlux can offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting.

  • Norla Design

    Norla is a Polish studio designing lamps and lampshades.

  • Novasolo

  • P

  • Pacini e Cappellini

    Made in Italy is more than just a phrase that customarily describes the origins and excellence of products designed, developed and produced entirely in Italy. To Pacini e Cappellini, it’s a statement of intent and a certification of quality.

  • Paloma Living

     Natasha Christofa founded Paloma Living and launched her first self-designed collection, which was manufactured in India. Now, seven years later, Natasha's brand has become a globally recognized furnishings company. Her attention to detail, focus on quality, and passion for interior design, fashion, and soft furnishings are evident in her work. As a young girl, Natasha spent her time working in her parents' homeware store, where she developed a love for interior design and a keen business sense. She finds great joy in designing and creating, and the experiences and travels that have influenced the growth and vision of the Paloma Living brand have been invaluable.

  • Pedrali

    In 1963, Mario Pedrali established a humble workshop in Palazzolo sull'Oglio, Brescia, crafting his inaugural outdoor iron seat collections. The company started collaborating with local and international architects and designers from the 70s, progressively specializing in contract furniture manufacturing. Today, Mario's children, Monica and Giuseppe, lead Pedrali, producing beautiful furniture for residential, hospitality, and workplace environments.

    The firm champions cutting-edge production and sustainability, marrying tradition with innovation in their design process, showcasing engineering brilliance alongside creative prowess. Pedrali's commitment to "100% Made in Italy" is manifested through in-house production at their Mornico al Serio (Bergamo) headquarters, where an automated warehouse, designed by architect Cino Zucchi, operates with high-tech machinery to ensure quality and staff welfare. A second factory in Manzano (Udine) focuses on wood furniture production.

    Pedrali maintains high-quality business operations, environmental respect, and worker safety validated by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 certifications. They emphasize durability and sustainability, designing furniture for disassembly and minimizing consumption. Their FSC® C114358 certified wood products use certified forest wood and plant-based resins.

    They've launched "recycled grey" collections comprising 50% post-consumer and 50% industrial waste recycled polypropylene. Additionally, their UNI EN ISO 14064-1:2019 certification attests to their measured carbon footprint.

    By adopting Quality, Environment, and Safety Management Systems, Pedrali aims to enhance customer satisfaction while balancing an environmentally conscious economic strategy. The management prioritizes worker safety and health, integrating it into their work ethics and corporate purpose.


  • Petite Friture

    Petite Friture is a French Design Studio that was created to manufacture the creativity of young talented designers in whom the creative force is like a breath of fresh air bringing a new energy to contemporary design.

  • Point

    POINT is a family business that spans four generations, carrying forward its legacy for nearly 100 years. Each design detail, from threads and knots to curves, reflects the evolution of outdoor furniture design, serving as a window into the past. With a presence in over 70 countries, POINT has grown into a global brand through a century of passion for design, innovative vision, and a relentless pursuit of product excellence.

    Founded in Gata de Gorgos (Alicante) in 1920 by José Pons Pedro, POINT began as a workshop where José applied his passion and wicker weaving skills learned in Argentina. This craftsmanship with an international perspective soon became a core philosophy for POINT. The company's emphasis on design has always been its identity and growth driver. The second generation introduced technical expertise in hand-weaving rattan.

    The History and Vision of POINT
    In the 1950s, Juan Bautista Pons, the founder's son, spearheaded strategic international expansion. The company began exporting products and established a production plant in the United States to be closer to the market. The 1970s saw the creative influence of designer and artist Gabriel Pons, who modernized rattan furniture production and became a leading figure in Valencian design. This era marked a qualitative leap in POINT’s products, embracing new materials, colours, and upholstery.

    The 1980s brought new challenges when Southeast Asian countries restricted raw material exports, particularly rattan, to boost their finished goods markets. POINT responded by relocating manufacturing to Vietnam, allowing the company to expand into Asia under the forward-looking vision of the fourth generation of the Pons family.

    Design and internationalization have been the hallmarks of recent years, with nearly 1,000 hospitality projects in about 70 countries and branches in Europe, the United States, Asia, and the Middle East. POINT continues to innovate, maintaining its commitment to design excellence and global reach.


  • R

  • Rex Kralj

    Rex Kralj products are offered from beech- and oak wood (bleached and natural), walnut and teak (made out of 100% teak wood for outdoor use).

  • r

  • rform Rethinking Furniture

    Good design stands out. Great design slides into the scene so seamlessly you can't imagine living without it. The furniture by Belgian label rform falls into the latter category: architecturally-inspired angles with a splash of colour, blending with the warm tones of birch wood to give off a feeling that is both design-forward and cosy. Sustainably produced and hand-finished in Belgium, rform furniture brings a sense of flow to every home for family-friendly living with high-design sensibilities.

  • R

  • RO Collection

  • RV Astley

  • S

  • Sabrina Fossi Design

    Sabrina Fossi Design started its own production in 2012 in partnership with LIAF, a company based near Florence that has been creating handmade interiors and products for home and commercial spaces since 1984.

  • Sebastian Welsel Design

    Sebastian Welzel Design introduced their series of unique wall sculptures in 2018.

    With an architectural background, Sebastian Welzel aims to enhance the design and spatial experience with his creations.

    The modern, timeless wall sculptures are designed to set new standards in interior design, adding a unique touch to any space with their combination of three-dimensionality and colour.

     The sculptures draw attention with their mesmerizing changes in colour that occur through light, shadow, and reflections, showcasing a range of shades from soft pastels to bright neon colours.

     The geometric tetrahedron principle is simple yet striking.

  • Seletti

    Seletti is a renowned Italian design brand that has gained global recognition for its unique and irreverent approach to design. The company's history dates back to 1964 when Romano Seletti began importing and selling household products from the Far East to the Italian market. The products included various household items such as tin cups, plastic tablecloths, bamboo pen baskets, straw trivets, and other accessories.

    In 1987, Romano Seletti's son, Stefano Seletti, joined the company and began a revolution that would take the brand to new heights. He introduced a new vision and direction that transformed Seletti into a democratic and innovative design brand. Stefano Seletti's vision led to the creation of collections of furnishing accessories, table decor, furniture, objects, and lighting by designers such as Studio Job, Marcantonio, and CTRLZAK. The brand also collaborated with renowned artists like Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, as well as with brands like Diesel.

    Today, Seletti has gained global recognition and has official branches in North America and China, with hundreds of shops worldwide. Despite its global success, the company still maintains its roots in Viadana, in the province of Mantua. The facility boasts over seven thousand square metres powered by one of the country's largest photovoltaic systems. Seletti continues to innovate and push boundaries with its designs, making it one of the most exciting and unique design brands in the world.

  • Serralunga

    Serralunga was founded in Biella in 1825. Serralunga is the name of the family that has been the creative and entrepreneurial heart of the company for six generations, manufacturing modern outdoor furniture.

  • Shepherd of Sweden

    A history of hand-craftsmanship matched with world class contemporary design. It is the synergistic clash of these two embodying characteristics that resides at the heart of Shepherd of Sweden’s sheepskin and sheep wool products. Each product is cut and sewn by hand, ensuring a naturally human attention to detail and quality. Rigorous quality control standards are employed at each stage of production, from sourcing high-quality, genuine sheepskin and sheep wool, to ensuring that every product meets the standards of the brand’s signature craftsmanship. Shepherd of Sweden, founded in 1982, remains at the center of nordic design these many decades later, with products being sold all over Europe, North America and Asia. Respected globally, Scandinavian manufacturing and design is defined by genuine materials, high-quality crafts and artistically minimal aesthetics. Shepherd of Sweden confidently expresses all of these signature characteristics in its product range available at Lagoon.

  • Sika.Design

    Sika Design, a Danish 3rd generation company founded in 1942, is one of world leading manufacturer of high-end rattan furniture. Sika Design produce well known pieces of furniture by some of the top international designers like Arne Jacobson, Franco Albini, Nanna Ditzel, R. Wengler and Viggo Boesen

  • Sir Madam

  • Skyline Design

    Skyline Design manufactures and designs luxury outdoor furniture. All of the Skyline collections are created using only the finest weaving materials.

  • Sotto Luce

    A machine will never be able to replicate the touch of a skilled craftsman.

  • T

  • Talenti

    Talenti is a leader in the design and manufacturing of quality outdoor furniture; from outdoor sofas and outdoor armchairs to outdoor coffee tables and accessories that complement your outdoor area thanks to the company's natural penchant for aesthetic research and collaborations with world-renowned designers.

    Outdoor Dining Made Simple

    Talenti design and manufacture a quality range of outdoor dining furniture from elegant Argo dining armchairs and barstools to quality Alu outdoor dining tables and side tables, there's sure to be something to suit the design of your outdoor area. Available in various different styles and finishes.

    Soak Up the Sun in Style

    Great outdoor furniture combines comfort and function to create the perfect outdoor area. Soak up the sun in style with gorgeous single and double sunbeds and daybeds available in a range of colours or take in the summer evenings with one of our teak sun loungers. Talenti also stocks and supplies a range of simple outdoor deck chairs and footstool sets. However you decide to furnish your outdoor areas, Talenti and Viva Lagoon are here to help.

  • The Hansen Family

    The Hansen Family furniture handmade from locally sourced wood, incorporating the best of Scandinavian design.
    The brand was founded by designer Gesa Hansen, who was raised in a family of carpenters, designers, and architects. After completing her studies at the Bauhaus University and working with prestigious design studios such as Jean Nouvel and H5 in Paris, as well as the NDC in Tokyo, she decided to create her own label that combines her design expertise with the family's skills and traditions. We use oak wood from nearby forests to create unique, handcrafted pieces that reflect our commitment to sustainability and the natural beauty of our surroundings
  • Tolix

    The iconic TOLIX® brand was  founded in Burgundy, France in 1908 Xavier Pauchard, as a manufacturer of household items including tables, chairs & beds being made from galvanised sheet metal. 

    In 1927 - Xavier Pauchard designed the legendary TOLIX® A Chair which received global acclamation as a design of excellence. Over a century later - TOLIX® designs are on show in the Museum of Modern Art  - New York, the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris & the Vitra Design Museum in Germany. 

    Today - the TOLIX®  collection includes dining & console tables, chairs, stools, & stylish storage solutions including lockers, bedside tables & shelving. Each TOLIX® design is available in up to 30 colour options or 3 raw metal finishes - allowing for the perfect colour selection for both interior & exterior spaces.

    TOLIX® original designs are un-rivalled in terms of quality, design and are always stamped with the TOLIX® logo to mark their authenticity. The authentic items are all made from High Grade Steel - with Stainless Steel designs offered at Viva Lagoon being suitable for both outdoor & indoor use. The entire TOLIX® collection benefits from a 2 year warranty. 

    This is a brand that is collectable & will stand the test of time from a visual & practical perspective. This is proven by the continued demand for not only new - also used TOLIX® pieces - demonstrating how well each authentic piece will last. In short - TOLIX® is a brand the provides investment designer indoor & outdoor furniture. 

    If you are looking to create an industrial theme to your garden or indoor space - for your home or business including cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels & offices - TOLIX® is a seriously good place to start.

  • Ton

    Ton is a brand based in Czech Republic that specialises in bent wood furniture.

    This world known brand produces some classic pieces of furniture that were first created in the mi-century, as well as modern furniture designed by contemporary designers.

    The brand has won several international awards for the quality, function and design of their furniture.

    Here at Lagoon, we like to bring you furniture that is not only well made but well designed and functional.

  • Transnatural Label

    Light, interior and outdoor design are part of the furniture and accessories collection, and all have an essential function and exceptional aesthetic.

  • U

  • Ubikubi

    Ubikubi is a Romanian design brand that aims to create smart contemporary furniture. Simple yet aesthetic. Functional yet surprising. Qualitative yet affordable.

  • Uncommon

    Un’common is a design studio based in Poland and founded by Gosia Korycka and Maciek KoryckiinŁódź.

    They design and make beautiful furniture using marble, wood and metal. The main material used in producing their hand-made furniture is marble. Their design is timeless and functional. Their designed pieces will add genuine luxury to your home. 

  • V

  • Villa Lumi

    Villa Lumis products are designed in Portugal and have an unmistakable European style. The brand is proud of its roots and values quality and sustainability. Every product is made with care, using only the finest materials.Their products come in a range of styles and shapes, from traditional to modern and contemporary. They offer a variety of lamps, table lamps, ceiling lights, and wall lights. All of their products are designed to bring beauty and light to any space.

    Villa Lumis products are for those who value craftsmanship and quality. They can be used in any home, office, or commercial space. Whether youre looking for a subtle light to add ambiance eg; Bogart Table Lamp or a statement piece to make a bold statement eg; Bacall Chandelier, Villa Lumi has something for everyone.

  • Vincent Sheppard

    Vincent Sheppard is a leader in the design and production of Lloyd loom furniture - the technique of twisting Kraft paper around metal wire to create woven 'Lloyd Loom' furniture. Next to the famous Lloyd Loom weave, they can also use other materials, like rattan, oak, beech and teak wood, along with steel and aluminium, that fit with their concept of craftsmanship, quality and design. 

    All-Weather Outdoor Furniture

    The all-weather outdoor collection by Vincent Sheppard will help you to realise the beauty of your garden and terrace, with outdoor lounge chairs and lounge sofas designed and manufactured with exceptional seating comfort. Bring the living room outdoors and make the most of the summer weather with gorgeous outdoor dining chairs and dining tables.

    Quality Dining Chairs & Lounge Chairs

    Vincent Sheppard stocks a wide range of dining chairs and lounge chairs in a variety of different styles. From Kodo Cocoon Chair Seats to Leo Dining Chairs we're sure to stock something to suit the personal and unique style of any home. We also stock a range of bar stools and chairs suitable for use with breakfast bars and raised surfaces.

    Brighten up your Home

    Brighten up your home with Vincent Sheppard's range of stylish floor lamps and table lamps - curl into one of our high-quality furniture pieces and relax. Or put your feet up and enjoy a relaxing evening with our extensive range of lazy chairs and footstools.

    Whatever you're looking for, we're sure to stock something to suit the personal style and unique look of any home.

  • Vondom

    The company's operations, originating in the culturally vibrant city of Valencia, Spain, have successfully expanded to the European and international stages, spanning locations such as Miami, Beijing, and Mexico. Vondom, constantly updating its expertise, excels in crafting enchanting environments that enhance various spaces with its designer furniture, rugs, and lighting. The company's ultimate goal is to envelop individuals in beauty, enabling them to lead improved lives and infuse newfound significance into their cherished spaces.

    Vondom specializes in garden furniture, particularly for outdoor seating areas, offering an array of modular sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables. By collaborating with a diverse group of international designers, Vondom effectively conveys its distinctive spirit through their work. At the forefront of this creative synergy is artistic director Ramón Esteve, whose name is associated with some of the brand's most successful collections, including Faz and Vela. Esteve's innovative contributions also extend to the Factory, Gatsby, Vineyard, and Hamptons collections, which debuted in Milan design week in 2022 and 2023. These unique and sophisticated sofa collections have elevated modern garden furniture to new heights.

    Another prominent designer for Vondom is Eugeni Quitllet, credited with the Ibiza collection encompassing chairs, armchairs, and the highly sought-after Ibiza sunbeds, adorning both upscale residential gardens and luxury hotel spas. Quitllet's breathtaking Tulum luxury collection, unveiled at Milan Salone Del Mobile in 2023, showcases his remarkable talent.

    Given Vondom's commitment to pioneering garden furniture design, it comes as no surprise that the company has enlisted the visionary designer Karim Rachid, renowned for his forward-thinking approach. Rachid's creations for Vondom, including Voxel, Vertex, and Surf, have found their place in the most opulent hotels and villas worldwide.

    Vondom's chairs and tables enjoy global adoration, gracing a variety of spaces ranging from balconies and penthouse terraces to luxury hotels. The elegant Vela and Faz collections, featuring chairs and sun loungers, have found their way into W Hotels in Xi'an and Dubai. The Romanov Sky Bar's exclusive terrace, offering breath-taking views of the sea, has been fully furnished with Vondom's Ibiza collection by Eugeni Quitllet.

    When it comes to sun loungers and daybeds, Vondom's offerings are favoured in luxurious Beverly Hills residences, yachts, and spas, meticulously chosen by exclusive interior designers.


  • VZOR

    Vzór came into existence thanks to passion for design and dream of creating a collection based on the icons of Polish design which in the future shall include designs of prominent contemporary creators.

  • W

  • We Do Wood

    We Do Wood is a danish furniture company established by the two furniture makers and designers Henrik Thygesen and Sebastian Jørgensen.

  • Wewood

    Wewood is a Portuguese brand that seamlessly blends heritage craftsmanship with contemporary design. Established in 2012 by the visionary second generation of a renowned family business, Wewood is rooted in three decades of producing and exporting high-quality wooden furniture. With a transformative vision, the new generation elevated the brand into a distinguished design house, cherishing its legacy while prioritizing the use of premium materials and crafting enduring, timeless pieces.

    Collaborating with esteemed international designers, Wewood draws upon the expertise of skilled Portuguese craftsmen to create furniture that transcends generations, retaining its allure and charm. This harmonious collaboration combines innovative design concepts with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in pieces that exude sophistication and craftsmanship.

    At Wewood, their commitment to sustainability is paramount. By utilizing renewable resources and embracing responsible manufacturing processes, they ensure their furniture is both environmentally conscious and enduring in its quality. Each piece is meticulously crafted to stand the test of time, inviting admiration for years to come.

    Wewood furniture embodies the perfect harmony of form and function, capturing the essence of refined living. For those who appreciate the intricacies of design, the use of premium materials, and the assurance of heirloom-quality craftsmanship, Wewood is the ideal choice.

  • White Pocket

    White Pocket make high quality bed linen that includes duvet covers, pillowcases and sheets.


    These designer duvets and pillowcases are designed in unique patterns created by Polish artists and printed using fragrance-free dyes. The printing is two sided.


    The fabric used is 100% cotton sateen with 135 gr/m2 basic weight. It is Oeko-Tex certified which means it is it safe even for new-born babies.


    The duvet sets are packed in a matching reusable bag.

  • Wireworks

    Design makes it better - It is the Wireworks philosophy.
    This British brand was founded by Darren Ziff and Lincoln Rivers in 1988. They work with sustainable hardwood to create beautiful home products in a variety of finishes

  • Woodman

    Beautifully designed minimalist furniture for the modern home.

  • Wunder

  • Z

  • Zava

    ZAVA combines traditional craftsmanship and the latest technology to produce a varied collection of lighting products, whose distinctive features are a focus on Italian design, creativity and great attention to detail.