Get to know our best-selling brand, Vincent Sheppard

   10/27/2021 18:21:52

We stock a variety of incredible brands here at Viva Lagoon, but the one that always seems to grab the attention of our customers is Vincent Sheppard. With their unique finishes and functional designs, Vincent Sheppard has proved a big hit with Viva Lagoon customers, quickly becoming one of our most popular and recognisable brands on the website. Whether you’re a fan of Vincent Sheppard already and want to get to know the brand better, or you’ve yet to become acquainted with this exceptional Belgium-based brand, this article will go through everything that you may want to know.

The history of Vincent Sheppard.. The brand, Vincent Sheppard, started designing and manufacturing indoor and outdoor furniture from their Belgian studio in 1992. What started as a project with the goal of honouring and preserving the history of the Lloyd Loom weaving technique, has since grown into a brand that spans 50 countries and 6 continents. Vincent Sheppard creates beautiful furniture that will help you enjoy the beautiful moments of life to the fullest, whether that be dining with friends, watching your children play outside, or laying out by the pool whilst on holiday. The Belgian company has a close relationship with locals of Cirebon, Indonesia where all of Vincent Sheppard’s furniture pieces are expertly crafted. With a focus on natural resources and high-quality design, Vincent Sheppard has created a stunning collection of furniture that have found homes in some of the most luxurious locations across the world. Not only is there an ecological focus when it comes to materials and manufacturing techniques, the brand also focuses on reducing their environmental impact in any way they can. Their Belgian headquarters is almost completely self-sustaining through the use of solar energy. The company even received the FSC®-label by the Forest Stewardship Council: a symbol of environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Lloyd Loom weaving technique. Vincent Sheppard is iconic for their use of the Lloyd Loom weaving technique, which started in the USA in 1971 by entrepreneur, Marshall Burns Lloyd. In attempts to find an alternative to rattan, which was in short supply during the war, he came up with his own technique that twisted paper around a metal wire to make large sheets of woven paper thread. The Lloyd Loom technique is much stronger, and softer, than traditional rattan and has formed the basis for Vincent Sheppard’s modern range of furniture. This technique has been adopted by the skilled Indonesian artisans (the real master of the Lloyd Loom) in Vincent Sheppard’s private production facility. Alongside their signature Lloyd Loom technique, Vincent Sheppard also uses a combination of rattan, oak, beech, steel, and aluminium to create their beautiful pieces.

Superb range of colours. All of Vincent Sheppard’s indoor furniture pieces are painted in Belgium in a range of colours, ranging from muted, elegant nudes, to eye-catching indigos and greens. If you love the style of Vincent Sheppard’s furniture, but want to add your own unique flair, you can also request your piece to be painted in your chosen colour (using the RAL colour chart). Durable and weather-resistant garden furniture Choosing elegantly designed furniture for your garden doesn’t mean that you must compromise on durability and longevity. The materials used in every piece of Vincent Sheppard furniture are the same materials that are commonly used in yacht furniture. These high-quality, weatherproof fabrics can be left out all year round. Vincent Sheppard’s best sellers Although we think that every piece of furniture, we offer from Vincent Sheppard is unique and special, there are a few particular pieces that always sell out very quickly, including:

Vincent Sheppard’s best sellers


Although we think that every piece of furniture, we offer from Vincent Sheppard is unique and special, there are a few particular pieces that always sell out very quickly, including:


  •        The Joe Counter Stools, a chic and stylish stool that will fit in any classic or modern kitchen
  •        The David Outdoor Sofa and Armchairs, the epitome of elegance and comfort that are made using quick dry foam and high quality outdoor fabrics
  •        The Roy Cocoon Garden Chair, a comfortable outdoor seat to help you enjoy your outside space
  •        The Lily Counter Stool, a minimalist bar stool that offers contemporary seating solutions for any home
  •        The Black Wicked Lounge Chair, made from weatherproof wicker as a modern interpretation of the classic rattan sofa
  •        The Kodo collection of stylish and contemporary outside seating and coffee tables
  •        And finally, the Joe Cocoon Chair that can be placed in any living room or bedroom and comes in a selection of beautiful weave colours

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