A Family business for three generations, Villa Lumi makes beautiful chandeliers, ceiling lights, table lamps and wall lights combining the craftsmanship of their workmen and the quality of materials to create beautiful, unique pieces that are recognised all over the world.

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About Villa Lumi

Villa Lumis products are designed in Portugal and have an unmistakable European style. The brand is proud of its roots and values quality and sustainability. Every product is made with care, using only the finest materials.Their products come in a range of styles and shapes, from traditional to modern and contemporary. They offer a variety of lamps, table lamps, ceiling lights, and wall lights. All of their products are designed to bring beauty and light to any space.

Villa Lumis products are for those who value craftsmanship and quality. They can be used in any home, office, or commercial space. Whether youre looking for a subtle light to add ambiance eg; Bogart Table Lamp or a statement piece to make a bold statement eg; Bacall Chandelier, Villa Lumi has something for everyone.