Marble is a beautiful, refined, natural material that has been used for centuries in architecture, art and object used in the home. It creates an instant luxury, and every piece is unique.

Uncommon use this noble material for their table tops and shelves and combine it with metal and wood. The result is stunning!

Their marble console tables, dining tables and coffee tables are topped with white Carrara marble or black Maquinia Marble. As every piece is made to order, you can choose your table top in polished marble or grooved textured marble.

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About Uncommon

Un’common is a design studio based in Poland and founded by Gosia Korycka and Maciek KoryckiinŁódź.

They design and make beautiful furniture using marble, wood and metal. The main material used in producing their hand-made furniture is marble. Their design is timeless and functional. Their designed pieces will add genuine luxury to your home.