WEWOOD is a Portuguese brand that believes in elevating the high-end joinery by producing superb solid furniture that promotes portuguese culture and design. Each piece is born from the inspiration and creativity of designers, architects and young talents, turned into reality thanks to the wisdom and experience of our craftsmen.

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About Wewood

Wewood - Portuguese Joinery is a brand that was founded in 2012 by the second generation of a family business that has been producing and exporting high-quality wooden furniture for three decades. The new generation transformed the business into a design house that values its heritage and is committed to using only the best materials, creating durable pieces, and designing timeless furniture. The brand has attracted many international designers who collaborate with skilled Portuguese craftsmen to create furniture that can be passed down through generations without losing its appeal. Wewood furniture is perfect for those who appreciate the attention to detail and use of renewable resources in the manufacturing process.