Accoya wood is a revolutionary and high-performance product resulting from over 75 years of research and development. It is crafted from sustainably sourced softwood and undergoes a patented and non-toxic acetylation process, permanently enhancing its core characteristics. This process significantly improves its dimensional stability and durability, making it a go-to choose for architects, engineers, and furniture manufacturers.
Talenti, the renowned Italian garden furniture brand, utilizes Accoya wood in creating garden furniture with two exquisite finishes: natural oak and dark wood. This remarkable wood is designed to withstand any climate, ensuring it won't swell or shrink over time. With a 50-year above-ground and 25-year below-ground guarantee, Accoya wood promises a lifetime of durability, making it the perfect choice for sustainable outdoor constructions and furniture.


The Accoya wood is available in two finishes: Natural Oak finish and Dark Wood (Pallisandro) finish. At viva Lagoon, you will find beautiful Italian garden sofas, armchairs, dining tables and chairs as well as loungers and small tables made from this incredibly durable wood in both finishes.



Maintaining Accoya wood is similar to caring for any outdoor wood. As a natural material, it may exhibit colour variations and minor cracks in response to changes in humidity and temperature. To preserve its appearance, regular maintenance is recommended. Periodically applying common or specific protective oil-based treatments can prevent the development of a silver-grey patina on the surface. If such patina does occur, it can be easily remedied by gently sanding the surface and subsequently polishing it with a jute cloth. For minor surface stains caused by oil or food products, prompt removal is essential to prevent deep absorption. In such cases, sanding down the affected area and polishing it with a jute cloth will restore the wood's original beauty.

Salinas Coffee Table In Accoya Wood | Natural Finish

Argo Dining Table & Chairs in Accoya Wood | Dark Finish ( Palissandro )

Cleosoft Outdoor Armchair in Accoya wood | Dark Finish ( Palissandro )