Most of our brands use plantation teak to make their luxury furniture. This comes mostly from Indonesian plantations that are managed by a government body. It can take anything from 35 to 50 years for a teak tree to fully mature. Teak trees are not indigenous to Indonesia but the climatic conditions on Java are ideal for growing teak. Teak grows best in sub-tropical conditions with temperatures ranging between 17 – 43 Celsius and with an annual rain fall of 1250 – 3750 mm. 
Teak was brought to Indonesia by the Buddhist monks in the 16th Century from Burma and it was then expanded into larger plantations by the Dutch to service their ships plying the Dutch East Indies spice routes.

There is growing global demands for this noble timber. It is widely known as the most valuable tropical hardwood and is mainly used for luxury furniture, ship and decorative building purposes. With its high natural oil content, teak withstands extreme weather conditions and is extremely stable.


When left outdoors to naturally age, teak undergoes a gradual transformation into a soft, silver-grey hue as the surface pigments diminish.

But if you prefer to maintain the golden brown finish, high quality teak sealer can be applied to the furniture before it turns into the silver patina.


Because teak is naturally oily wood, it cannot be painted or varnished, as such coatings would not properly adhere and would eventually peel off.

To preserve the original golden-brown colour of new teak, consider using Teak Sealer. Application of the Teak Sealer will solely affect the appearance of the furniture without compromising its strength or durability. Please note that regular re-application of the Teak Sealer is necessary to ensure continuous protection.

It you wish to store your furniture in winter, it is advisable to keep it in a water-tight garden shed or garage. Avoid directly transferring teak furniture from the garden into a heated indoor room for storage, as drastic temperature and humidity changes may lead to wood splitting.

To safeguard teak surfaces from staining and maintain the silver-grey patina on weathered teak, we recommend our Teak Protector by Gloster. This invisible shield acts as a barrier against food substances and moisture, preventing unsightly stains. Additionally, the Teak Protector helps repel dirt and inhibits mildew growth, ensuring the longevity of your teak furniture.

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