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Single hammock

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The German firm of La Siesta is dedicated to producing a hammock range of amazing quality and style suited to the rigours of contemporary life. There are large hammocks and small hammocks, blue hammocks and green hammocks, stripy hammocks and plain hammocks: every variation under the sun. Each handmade hammock is made in South America for La Siesta and so you have the perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and styles allied to Germany quality control, modern colour-fast dyes and innovative fabrics. La Siesta’s garden hammocks include single hammocks, double hammocks and family sized hammocks catering for all your needs. They have cotton hammocks and even hammocks such as the Sunrisa range made from rot-proof materials for minimum care. When you have chosen your hammock then, for minimal extra cost, you need to buy one with a spreader if you prefer a more oblong shape to that of the traditional hammock where the material is collected together at each end. Lastly, you need to ask yourself whether you should buy a hammock stand in solid wood or a metal hammock stand. This will depend, of course, on whether you have someplace to sling a hammock safely. Our spruce wood hammock stands are FSC certified.