Discover Pacini e Cappellini, an illustrious Italian brand renowned for its worldwide distribution of high-quality furniture and home accessories. With an impressive range of tables, chairs, armchairs, bookcases, and more, each piece is crafted entirely in Italy, upholding the brand's commitment to exceptional craftsmanship.

Incorporating cutting-edge technologies and industrial processes, Pacini & Cappellini seamlessly blends innovation with the soul of their collections: wood. Revered for its warm touch and timeless appeal, wood remains the heart and soul of their creations. Meticulously carved and tailored with artisanal care, every detail is infused with the spirit of Italian design.

Integrating materials like glass, metal, leather, and fabrics, Pacini & Cappellini imbues each piece with uniqueness, sophistication, and versatility. Their collaborations with renowned designers result in iconic products, such as the TV- and hi-fi standing Screen by Fabio Rebosio and the table Plurimo by Hanno Giesler.

As a brand treasured by Viva Lagoon, Pacini & Cappellini continues its journey under the guidance of the family's 3rd generation, preserving the traditional values of creativity, passion, and unwavering commitment to research. Embrace the essence of Italian design with Pacini & Cappellini's exquisite furniture, where artistry and functionality converge.

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About Pacini e Cappellini

Made in Italy is more than just a phrase that customarily describes the origins and excellence of products designed, developed and produced entirely in Italy. To Pacini e Cappellini, it’s a statement of intent and a certification of quality.